Over the last three years I have been in Cambodia, two years in the Peace Corps and an additional year as an English language and critical thinking lecturer at University of Puthisastra in Phnom Penh. Through these experiences, I have learned Khmer, the language of Cambodia, and have expanded my knowledge into many non-art related fields including international affairs, philosophy, linguistics, and education. My creative practice in Cambodia took the form of teaching, starting arts clubs, and planning an arts festival for high school students. Now I wish to incorporate these experiences and perspectives into the conceptual framework of my art.

I am most interested in the relationship between art and language. My pre-Cambodia works were influenced by a variety of art disciplines, theory, and history precedent. I minimize the visual information in my work by taking a reductive approach, in the minimalist tradition, to present my concepts. I am now looking to work in this tradition with a variety of media to develop a new portfolio that builds on my experiences and critically engages with the relationship between art and language.